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Mega Furniture Makes My Home More Beautiful

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello friends and happy good day, I was talking to my friend Gan this morning because he is looking for a marble surface in his home and he loves my coffee table.

And of course he asked me where I got it and I happily told her Mega Home Furnishing, a large furniture retailer in Toa Payoh Central that I just love and would shop from again and again. Mega Home Furnishing worked with me in 2018 on a little collaboration in which I received a lovely display cabinet for my hallway to figurines and things and my favourite piece of all - my white Canberra leather sofa in my living room, shown below. Have you seen it!?! It’s one of my favourite pieces in my home at the moment.

I really love this sofa, it’s beautiful and big, I can even shoot on it when my clients ask for something to be shown on a marble background so it doubles for work and for play. It’s also very sturdy and looks so pretty when I’m entertaining, especially if I dimmed the lights and display my fur carpets on it so damn pretty when combined with white marble floor ! Yes?!

And good news for YOU. At the moment, this sofa “Canberra” is 30% off and you can get it in many different configurations, including brown and black leather, full or half. I honestly want to buy extra functions as the electronic recliners, so I can use it more for lays and comfort.

MEGA Showroom | No. 615 Toa Payoh Lor 4 #01-01 Singapore 319516

As for the company itself, Mega Home Furnishing is just great - friendly, fast, their setup and delivery service is 100% professional and great, and I really like their price point and also how you can customize many of their products to suit your design and lifestyle.

It’s affordable, functional, beautiful design for all budgets, but definitely, NOT shop next door furniture shops, it’s extremely well made so it’s perfect for when you are ready to graduate from ' shop next door' systems and furniture and purchase lasting pieces that you’ll keep a lot longer. For instance, my cheap closet is falling apart so I won’t replace it with a cheap wardrobe… When I am ready, I’ll replace it with a system like those that Mega Home Furnishing carries.

This is my exact wardrobe from Mega Home Furnishings below

I am so happy with my Mega Home Furnishing experience from start to finish and highly recommend this company to shop from for your home, they also have another showroom in 11 Sims Drive SCN Centre (Former Audio House Building).

MEGA Showroom | 11 Sims Dr, Singapore 387385

In other news… It’s boiling hot in Singapore right now, it was 34 degrees yesterday, so I’m indoors blogging and working on a photo shoot.

Lovely with Hugs from Kevin Ben

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