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Questions On Leather Recliner Sofas

Working in furniture for 13 years here. I'll try to share some insights on recliner sofas

Top end seating lasts longer, ages well, and performs better:

Lasts Longer:

This is not necessarily an objective measure. At what threshold of wear or breakage will a chair be considered no longer useful? when the sheen on the fabric or leather breaks? or when the frame no longer sits level? Top end stuff generally keeps its integrity for longer -- upholstering doesn't wear through, frames stay straight and smoothly operating for decades.

Ages Well:

Leather will always stretch, crease, change colour, absorb oils. Top end stuff does this gradually over time like a living being. Cheap stuff stays looking new for a time then just cracks or goes to crap.

Performs Better:

better ergonomics research gives you better support, fewer joint and muscle issues. The feel of the surfaces and fabrics is pleasant to the touch (yes, this is an important thing that you pay for), it's not clunky and has smooth motion and doesn't creak when shifting in your seat. It should not off gas. You will pay for style, which is a performance factor too.

$2500 is kind of the middle ground for a leather chair. If you're set on using a recliner (more on that later) Stressless is probably the bare minimum I'd suggest.

If you're a good candidate or ready for a professional work/task chair without leather, expect to pay around $1,000 for very good stuff.

My biggest question first would be why are you using a recliner to do work in? I think you've got the right idea transitioning to a regular chair/desk setup -- your body will appreciate it. You say you got this recliner on your first big job 10 years ago, so I'm supposing you're in your mid-30's and in decent health?

If you're in decent health and get some regular exercise at that age, your body will still forgive you for using a recliner to work in for hours a day, but by now there are probably signs this isn't a good idea.

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